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Daltex Roofing Allen

With over 40 years’ collective experience roofing Allen, TX, homes, Daltex is the only roofer you will ever need for all your installation, maintenance and repair needs. All of our Allen roofers are fully insured. We stand behind our work with solid guarantees, and we have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for decades. You can count on Daltex to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Most people think of their roof in terms of the shingles that cover it; but, Daltex understands that a roof is much more than that. For a roof to function properly, a whole system of structures must work together. The roof’s trusses, decking, underlayment and shingles work together to create a weather-stopping barrier. In combination with the attic, its insulation, and the gutters and downspouts, your roof is a highly precise system working to protect the entire home. Each part enhances the others’ ability to function properly, and a problem with one can cause the whole system to fail. This is why it’s so important to have your roof inspected and maintained at least once a year. Doing this will find problems while they are still small and easily repaired. Our Allen roofers will provide a free inspection and detailed written report on your roof’s condition. We can even work with your insurance company if the situation warrants.

Daltex has been roofing Allen and the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1994. We are the best at what we do. We’re proud of that, and we put that pride into every job we do. We stand behind every roof we install with outstanding warranties. With two decades serving our great state and our proven commitment to our customers’ total satisfaction, it’s no wonder Daltex is Allen’s favorite roofing company.

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Daltex Roof Coating Systems

If you have a business with a metal roof, TPO, Single Ply, Asphalt then you want to know more about our Coating systems, there are so many advantages to a coating system verses replacement.

  • Make roof last longer
  • Lower the roof temperature which aids in reducing the rate of deterioration
  • Lowers energy costs and increasing a buildings Owners ROI
  • Longer warranty for coating system than replacement
  • Go Green – no removal with materials going to a landfill

For more information, contact our office for a representative to come evaluate your roofing needs.

Call Daltex Contractors 972.517.2571

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Cold Weather is HERE are you prepared?

Are you prepared for the cold weather?

The worst thing in the world is trying to prepare your home for the weather change when it is 20 degrees outside. Or worse, not having your sprinkler system purged or hose bibs leak before the freezing weather comes.

Here is a checklist of things to do for the various systems of your home, from roofing to plumbing.

Heating System: Turn the thermostat to heat mode and set it to 80 degrees just for testing. You should hear the furnace turn on and warm air should blow within a few minutes. If it’s running OK, turn the thermostat back to its normal setting. If there is a problem call a HVAC company to make repairs before the winter weather sets in.

Chimney and Fireplace: Check that the chimney is clear of any nests from birds, squirrels or other animals before you light a fire. Check the flue to make sure it opens and closes before you light a fire. Check chimney draft, if you have not lite a fire for a couple of years, you might want to contact a chimney sweep and have it cleaned and any debris removed.

Exterior Faucets: Known as hose bibbs , the exterior faucet needs to have its water supply turned off inside the house, and you also need to drain water from it by opening up the exterior faucet. You may also want to consider an insulated cover for the hose bibb. And remember to disconnect your garden hoses from the outside faucets and drain them if you store them outside.

Windows/Doors: Close your windows and feel for air leaks. Typically air leaks will be at the edges where the window is hinged, slides or meets another unit, such as between the two panels of a double hung window. Seal all the windows with sealant on the exterior of the house to insure no cold air leaks into your nice warm house. Check all weatherstripping on exterior doors, repair or replace any damaged weatherstripping.

Roof/Gutters : Check roof for missing or damaged shingles and have them replaced. Check flashing around chimneys and other roof projections which are often the source of leaks. Clean all gutters from leaves and debris. Wet leaves remaining in the gutters over winter add significant weight and volume to the gutter when frozen and increase the risk of damage.

Call a professional for all the above services. Daltex Contractors LLC can help with all your home services and remodel projects.

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Roofing Repair in Decatur, Texas

Severe storms recently made their way through the North Texas region. They negatively affected many towns and cities in the area, with Decatur being just one of them. If your property’s roof sustained any storm damage in Decatur, you can do something about it. Our local roofing repair company Daltex Contractors can carefully examine the extent of the roofing damage your property experienced and give you a quote for damage repair work that’s necessary.

When you need to recruit the assistance of skilled and qualified Decatur roofers, our experienced professionals can make an excellent choice. The contractors who work for us have been working in roof repair for a very long time and as a result are extremely capable in the subject. When you need to find quality roof repair in Decatur, our reputable company makes it very easy on you.

Storms can cause a lot of serious problems for roofs. This is why it’s crucial to never dismiss indications of storm damage on property roofs. If your roof in Decatur has been damaged by the recent storms, you may notice key indications such as lost shingles, ceiling leaks, roof leaks, broken tiles, cracked tiles, vent dents, gutter vents and granules gathering inside of downspouts or gutters. If you observe any of these potential signs of roof damage, it’s up to you to contact our company promptly for further assistance. Roof damage can be problematic for a vast array of different reasons. Not only can it be visually unappealing and make your property look significantly worse, but it can also make your home feel unnecessarily chilly during the winter months. Leaks that are triggered by roof damage can also often bring on unsightly water damage and resulting issues. You want none of those things in your life, of course.

Customer service is extremely important for our respected roof repair business. If you need dependable and efficient professional assistance with roofing in Decatur, there’s no better business to turn to than ours. Our contractors are all talented professionals who are devoted to providing all of customers with fine, detail-oriented work. We never finish any roofing repair jobs until we’re confident that our customers are pleased.

Our company’s roof repair services are also all extremely budget-friendly. Getting your roof fixed never has to be a pricey effort for you. We make a point to keep our rates reasonable and low at all times.

If you’re concerned about the storms in Decatur and the damage they could have potentially brought on for the roof of your residence or business, call our leading roofing repair company as soon as possible to set up a roof evaluation with us and to receive a quote for repair service.

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Your Plano Roofers – Daltex Contractors

At Daltex Contractors, we go out of our way to ensure that our customers receive the best service at the most affordable price. We perform commercial and residential roofing in Plano and will make sure you love the results of our work.


General Maintenance and Repairs – If your roof could us some professional attention, our Plano roofers will make sure everything on your roof is up to standard so that you can enjoy adequate protection. We only use state-of-the-art products to facilitate our work.

Rain Gutter Installations and Repairs – Rain gutters play an important role in protecting the maintaining the integrity of your home, and we’ll make sure you have gutters that can adequately do the job. We’ll check to see whether your gutters are properly channeling water so that your basement, foundation and other parts of your home don’t succumb to damage when it rains.

Water Restoration – In addition to residential and commercial roofing in Plano, we offer solutions for properties in the area that are affected by water leaks and major flooding. We’ll use industry-grade moisture detectors, deodorization products and other equipment to restore some order to your property.

Painting – Whether your building needs interior or exterior painting, we have the equipment and paint products to make your place look more modern. We’ll apply a fresh coat of paint to any surfaces that need it and give you a beautiful finish that makes everything look brand-new again.

Insurance Claims Assistance

If you’ve been affected by storm damage in Plano, a licensed insurance adjuster on our staff will help you process any insurance claims. You may be entitled to receive payment from your insurance company to cover any significant losses.

Contact Daltex Contractors today if you need roof repair in Plano or would like to take advantage of our other service options.

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Daltex Roofing Prosper

Without the support of a roofing Prosper contractor, coming to terms with a roof that has been damaged can be frightening. This is especially the case if insurance companies are involved. You will want to ensure that you are protected from such issues in the future in order to avoid repeating the process. Carefully choosing who you are going to work with will have an impact on how the project is handled. It will also be nice to know you can call an expert should other roofing issues arise. A good example of expert Prosper roofers is Daltex.

At Daltex we have more than a decade of experience in inspecting, maintaining and making the required repairs on a roof. Our clients have stated that among the many roofing Prosper contractors available, we are the best in the market. We offer a variety of service including emergency relief and routine maintenance. Our company has the necessary tools and experienced staff to restore your roof in the shortest time possible. Apart from the staff and tools, we have a wide variety of roofing materials to repair and maintain any type of roof.

In case you have issues with your gutter, some roofers may not be able to solve the problem. If you seem to have gutter problems, Daltex will provide you with gutter services that will ensure your home is protected from rainwater. We, the Prosper roofer’s community, have technicians who are expertly trained. This means that before the repairs start, the technicians will provide you with a detailed report on the solutions available and impact of each solution. We will even recommend the best solution and provide reasons why it is the most effective of the options available. At Daltex we have made it our mission to listen to our clients. The end result is clients whose homes are kept dry and safe.

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Roofing Frisco Homes and Businesses

Daltex is one of the leading Frisco roofers and is committed to providing the utmost in quality and service to Collin and Denton counties. With over 40+ years in the home improvement industry under our belt, we take great pride in our work and stand by all our guarantees and warranties. We are truly prepared to be with you every step of the way. Our team encompasses not just design and construction, but also restoration and repairs. Whether you are interested in a new roof or simple repairs to an existing structure, we are committed to your complete costumer satisfaction.

We are experienced in all areas of roofing Frisco, both residential and commercial. We offer a wide array of options for roofing Frisco buildings including asphalt shingle, modified/built up, metal roofing systems, single ply roofing systems, and TPO systems. Our products are backed by warranty and we pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality products to our costumers.We are a full service roofing company and Daltex Contractors will be by your side should any storm damage occur to your roof. Daltex Contractors LLC has a licensed insurance adjuster on staff to assist with your insurance claims during a storm related loss. In addition to assisting you with your insurance claims, we also offer customers residential roofing maintenance plans. For as little as $250 a year, our affordable plans help to protect your investment and your family from interior leaks and damage.

Daltex Frisco roofers consistently provides costumers with the highest quality product at the most competitive prices. Please give us a call today with your specifications and we will provide a bid to your office. We look forward to serving you in Frisco, TX and providing you with a hassle free experience every step of the way.

Call Us! 972-517-2571 or complete this form.

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Deadlines Upcoming

Hail Storm Allen TX

Deadlines upcoming on filing for Storm / Wind and Hail claims, insurance companies only allow 1 year from the loss date now to file. Make sure you have a Daltex representative evaluate your roof before fall weather arrives. Call 972.517.2571

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Daltex Customer Review

roofing contractor plano tx

Always great to get a review from customers!

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Another Daltex project underway

Another Daltex project under way.

Plano Roofing Companies

New Presidential TL Shingle being installed

Plano Roofing Company

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