McKinney TX Roofing

McKinney TX RoofingLocated just north of Dallas, McKinney TX is one of the region’s most populous suburb cities, just behind the suburb of Plano.  In 2014, it was rated by Money Magazine as THE top “Best Place to Live” in America. It is among the fastest growing cities in the United States. The city lies in Collin County, and both the county and the city were named for Collin McKinney a congressman and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Employers such as Raytheon, Encore Wire Corporation, Torchmark Corporation, Medical Center of McKinney, and the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at McKinney are top employers of the area’s residents. If you are one of the many newcomers to the city, we’d like to extend our welcome to you. We are professional contractors that work in McKinney, Texas. We have over 20 years of experiencing, McKinney TX roofing, painting, and our general contractors are certified, GAF Master Elite contractors.

If you need a new roof installation or would like a quote on making repairs to your existing roof, call us for a McKinney TX roofing quote. Our estimates are free, all the time. Call 972-517-2571 for more information.

McKinney, Texas is a part of the Texas Blackland praire and Sun belt region, and as such, we see hot temperatures in the summer months and heavy storms in the spring months. We are equipped to provide 24/7 emergency McKinney TX roofing services to homeowners after the storms move through the area. Our customer service staff have assisted countless clients with filing the proper insurance paperwork needed to ensure that your homeowners insurance covers your roof damages from the hail storm McKinney TX events.

In addition to McKinney TX roofing, we also handle interior painting Dallas services. We work in the following areas: Prosper TX, Plano, Allen, Celina, McKinney, Coppell, Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm, Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Highland Village areas.

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Roof Repair Plano

What are the most common roof problems?

roof repair PlanoSave money and time spent dealing with roof repair Plano TX and work with a reputable roofing company – Daltex Contractors. Here we go over the most common roof related problem that will cost you a great deal of money if you do not watch out for. The top problem that we see is damage from storms that move through our region of North Texas. Heavy winds, hail, and flooding rains that pass through cause a great deal of damage to our area’s roofs. We offer 24/7 emergency storm roof repair Plano TX, and can work with your insurance company if you file your roof damages with your homeowners insurance company.

Not all Plano roofing contractors are the same. One of the biggest factors of how your roof will preform in the storm conditions and high temperatures that we get in this region of North Texas is the use of quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. If your roof is properly installed, you should not encounter these types of common problems that we see frequently.

Roof Leaks or Noticeable Moisture

You need proper roof repair Plano if you are noticing moisture inside your home around the ceiling, or worse, if you have dripping water coming through your roof and ceiling. You will notice a discoloration on your ceiling, stains down the wall, or a puddle in the floor if you have a roof leak. Some roof leaks are sneaky and you cannot see the damage that they are doing to the interior of your home, which is the main reason why you should have your roof properly inspected and check out as part of an annual maintenance check. Our Plano Roofers know the signs to look for.

Puddles of Water that Linger on your Roof

If after it rains you notice that water stays and lingers in a puddle or pool on your roof in certain areas, this is a problem. Many times these pools are caused by clogged gutters, or HVAC units that leak, or improperly drain. Give us a call if you are seeing signs of puddling on your roof. Long-term this type of pond water that lingers can cause damage.

Holes in your Roof

Hail and wind can move through our area and create little tiny holes in your roof system.

Tree Limbs

Trees that are close to your roof should be pruned and maintained so that their limbs do not rub across your roof system and cause damage. Overhanging limbs can cause a great deal of damage during a storm and tree limbs should be cut back prior to the heavy storm season. When a tree branch falls on your roof, it is typically an emergency, as depending on how it falls and how heavy it is, your roof can be damaged beyond repair and require full replacement.

Poor Craftsmanship of the Flashing / Seals

The flashing installed around areas where your roof does not cover (such as skylights, vent pipes, chimneys and HVAC systems) must be installed correctly and attached well. If it is not, it can cause openings in the seams and eventually lead to a roof that fails. 

Shrinking or Blistering

Shrinkage to the roof membrane often causes splitting, ridging and can lead to surface damage to your shingles.


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Plano Roofers

Plano RoofersDaltex, Plano Roofers, and Contractors began operating in the Dallas area over 25 years ago. We are a reputable, professional Plano roofing company servicing various areas in and around Plano and Dallas. We offer quality workmanship and customer assistance with filing necessary insurance paperwork that your insurance company may require if you are filing a claim for damages due to weather related conditions and storms. Need an estimate? We offer free quotes on Plano Texas roofing jobs. Call us at 972-517-2571.

When it comes to your roof, this important aspect of your home should not be forgotten. We install quality roofing products, and can recommend the best roofing type and material for your specific home.

In addition to Plano, Texas, we also offer roofing and other services in the following areas: McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Coppell, Carrollton, Frisco, Allen, Little Elm, Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Highland Village.

We are equipped to handle residential contracting jobs such as roofing, painting Plano TX, construction of fences, pergolas, patios, and gutters. Looking to remodel an area of your home? We are the team for the job. We pride ourselves on five star customer service. We clearly explain our quotes and take the time to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work.

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Roofing McKinney

roofing McKinneyMcKinney, Texas is the county seat of Collin County, and among the areas that we serve. Daltex Contractors are licensed general contractors that offer roofing McKinney services, painting services, and a myriad of other contracting jobs. If you live in one of McKinney’s neighborhoods and master planned communities such as Spicewood at Craig Ranch, The Grove at Craig Ranch, Erwin Farms, or some other location in McKinney, and need roofing McKinney work completed, we are the team to trust. Check out reviews from previous jobs, click around on our website and view our roofing work, and give us a call at 972-517-2571 for a quote.

We offer free estimates on new roofs, roof repairs, and roof damage assessments. We can help you if you need assistance with filing the required paperwork with your insurance company to have them cover your roof damages from a recent storm.

It’s not a secret that our region of North Texas experiences a great deal of extreme weather conditions including hailstorms, heavy winds, rain and lightning, and extremely high temperatures during the summer months. We install roofing systems that last and stand the test of time, weathering the inclement weather conditions in the way that it should. That is because we maintain a rigorous standard with regards to workmanship and customer service.

We provide detailed answers, thorough assessments and can help you with advice on how to save on your energy costs. It’s amazing what kinds of energy savings you can see when you make roofing improvements, or completely install a replacement roof with energy efficiency in mind.

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Lakes of Prosper Roofing Companies

Daltex Contractors serves all of the neighborhoods and master planned communities with homes in Prosper, Texas. We carry out handyman services, roofing, exterior and interior painting, as well as remodeling jobs. We are the top rated among the Lakes of Prosper roofing companies.

Lakes of Prosper is a master planned community located in Prosper, Texas. The natural beauty of North Texas combined with gorgeous homes and convenient amenities have made this neighborhood a popular community. Daltex Contractors are general contractors Prosper Texas that would love to serve you and offer roofing services. Filled with beautiful multi-pitch roof homes with dormers, hips and other nice design features, Lakes of Prosper homes are gorgeous.

We have had the pleasure of being in business in the Dallas suburbs for over 25 years. We know what it takes to build a roof that can withstand our extreme weather conditions in our region of North Texas. Our staff can assist you with filing the necessary paperwork with your insurance company if you have damages from one of the recent storms.

We work in the following areas: McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Coppell, Carrollton, Frisco, Allen, Little Elm, Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Highland Village. Count on our reliable team of roofers Prosper TX to get the job done!

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Roofing Highland Village TX

roofing highland village txAre you looking for a reliable contracting company that offers roofing Highland Village TX? Daltex Contractors is the team to call in Highland Village for roofing and related services. Call 972-517-2571 and get answers to your questions regarding estimates for Roofing Highland Village TX.

We are a family owned and operated roofing company based in Prosper, Texas that has been in operation for over 25 years. Our team is comprised of licensed general contractors, GAF Master Certified contractors and roofers, and skilled carpenters. Many of our clients are referred to us by other past clients that we have completed jobs for.

When it comes to your roofing Highland Village TX, you want to choose a reliable company that will build a roof that will withstand the storms that we get here in Highland Village, near Dallas. We get storms year around including the winter time. You want to ensure that your roofer builds a sturdy, roof that can last a long time, through scorching summers, and the wind and hailstorms that we get.

Highland Village, Texas is one of the best places to live in the Dallas area. Nestled along Lewisville Lake, and a mere 15 minutes from the DFW Airport, Highland Village is a place that more than fifteen thousand love to call home. If you think you have roof damage, it’s important to call Daltex Contractors and schedule a time for us to come out and assess the damages that you might have. You do not want to let your roof repairs go un-handled for too long as you could create further damage to your home’s interior and foundation.

In addition to providing roofing Highland Village TX services, our general contractors can carry out a myriad of services including concrete work Highland Village, building fences, decks and pergolas, remodeling home Prosper TX, rain gutter installation and repairs, general handyman services, and interior and exterior painting Highland Village.

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Replace Roof Prosper Texas

replace roof prosper texas Prosper TX Roofers – Daltex Contractors are a top-rated roofing company based in Prosper, Texas that can handle your roofing needs. We handle all types of roofing jobs including jobs where we replace your roof in Prosper, Texas. If your existing roof is showing signs of wear and tear or has not been replaced in several decades, you should consider calling Daltex Contractors, residential roofing Prosper TX company. We are the roof replacement pros. Call 972-517-2571 for a roof replacement quote.

Our roofing contractors will come out and assess your roof for damages and repairs. If the damage is due to bad weather such as high winds, hail, and heavy rain, we can help you file a claim for damages with your insurance company. Roof repairs and roof replacement work does not have to cost a fortune.

How much the cost of the work to replace roof Prosper Texas all depends on the type of roofing material that you choose, and the size of your home. Some materials cost a bit more than others. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest material that can be used. It’s important to consider the location of your home, style and design of your home, and specific POA restrictions that might be in place regarding the construction of your new roof. Other factors such as a multi-pitched or extremely pitched roof with intricate design features, dormers, half hipped, and clipped gables can play a role in the time that it takes to handle the work.

In addition to replace roof Prosper Texas jobs, we also carry out exterior painting, cleaning of gutters, and are an affordable concrete Prosper Texas contracting company offering concrete work. We have proudly assisted clients in the Dallas area for over 25 years. Find out what makes Daltex Contractors different from other general contractors Prosper TX that you may have encountered. Call us for roofing, handyman jobs, painting and more.

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Roofing Celina Texas

roofing celina texas If you have visible signs of roof damage (missing shingles, deteriorated shingles, wavy appearance, noticeable leaks, etc.) then you need to call a knowledgeable roofing Celina Texas company. When choosing a company to handle roofing work on your home in Celina, Texas you should consider a great deal more than just the quoted cost or estimate that the Celina roofing company provides you with. Certainly, factors such as ability to deliver the work by a deadline (or as soon as possible so that further damages do not occur), ability to stay under budget, and the care and consideration that the team of roofers will display while at your property.

At Daltex Contractors, we pride ourselves on maintaining a very high level of integrity when it comes to our work. Our team is led by owner/operator, Lance Lefevre, and his staff of GAF Master Elite certified contractors and knowledgeable workers. During the process of handling the work for your new roof installation, or roof repairs, we will communicate with you regarding when we will be working, what to expect, and our workers show up on time, carry out the work on time, and ensure that they clean up after themselves and the work space that we have used. We do not leave homeowners with a headache of cleaning up after our workers. Our motto is – we will leave your home just as clean as we encountered it prior to the work, or cleaner.

If you would like a detailed estimate of roof work that your property needs give us a call at 972-517-2571 and we will come out and thoroughly assess and inspect your roof. If the area has just received a great deal of wind or hail from storms moving through the area, we are available for emergency roofing Celina TX. For over 25 years, we have provided emergency roofing Celina Texas services to clients in Celina and the surrounding region. We work in Highland Village, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Little Elm, Allen, Frisco, Carrollton, Coppell, Prosper, Celina, McKinney and Plano. If you would like references we can certainly provide, and our reviews online on websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, etc. we are always well rated.

We strive to provide superior services in Roofing Plano TX,  Celina TX roofing, and  Plano Roofing.

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Roofing Plano Texas

Roofing Plano Texas Daltex Contractors are the roofing Plano Texas experts. If you have roof damage, or if your roof is beginning to leak, you should reach out to Daltex by calling 972-517-2571 and letting them know you have an active leak, or visibly apparent roof damage. We offer 24/7 on call emergency roofing Plano Texas, and our customer service staff routinely assist our clients with filing the necessary insurance claim forms to ensure that your homeowners insurance policy covers your roofing work.

Many times, if you have a visible roof leak, or a bit of roof damage, it is possible for our team to come out and make roof repairs without your needing a brand-new roofing system. Other times, roof damage is so substantial that you need a whole new roofing system. Roof technologies have improved over the years to include several warrantied solutions. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for the new roofing system and speak with your insurance representatives regarding the work.

No matter what company you choose to handle your roofing Plano Texas work, please ensure that you choose a company that is licensed, and if possible, find a GAF Master Elite certified contractor. Ask lots of questions and gather a detailed quote from the company. We have heard of many operating as roofers that do not have a license and have little to no experience in roofing in our area. If you properly vet the company you choose beforehand, you will save money and be free of related headaches.

We are a family owned and operated company, that provides fair and reasonable estimates. If you have any related questions, we’d be happy to answer them and provide references for all our work. Please give us a call! We also handle fire restoration and water / storm damage restoration. Our general contractors can handle just about any restorative repairs that you might need completed.

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Prosper Texas Roofing

Prosper Texas RoofingDaltex Contractors are a five-star rated Prosper Texas Roofing company offering roofing services and painting services in the Prosper, Texas region. We have been in the roofing and general contracting business for over 25 years. Our customer service team offer personalized service and can assist you with all your related insurance claims with your homeowner’s insurance company.

We fully warranty our work and can provide 24/7 emergency services in times after storms move through the region and can come out and inspect damages. For immediate help, please call 972-517-2571 to discuss your needs. If you have a roof leak, or some other roofing emergency, please let our team know exactly what is happening. If your leak is extreme and a tremendous amount of water is coming in from the roof, try and alleviate damages to the interior areas by putting out buckets, tarps and moving your electronics out of the way of the water leak. In times after Prosper TX hailstorm or heavy storms with a lot of wind, we receive a lot of emergency calls. We triage each case and work from an emergency queue. We are equipped to handle just about any Prosper Texas roofing emergency you might have.

If your roof damage is not that severe and you do not need emergency attention, we would be happy to schedule a time to come out to your house and plan for roof damage repairs. If you need tarp covering material, please advise and we can ensure that we get your roof damage covered so that further damage to the interior of your home does not happen.

Check out the information we have provided on the various types of roofing material that you can choose from. Roofing technology has evolved a great deal, and we are proud to offer the best types of roofing material on the market. W can properly advise you on the best type of material to use for your budget and needs. Rather than try and up-sell you, we take the personal approach of providing information and details after hearing any questions that you might have.

Click and find out more about roofing services we provide in other areas of our region and check out, Roofing Prosper TX, and Roof Repair Plano TX.

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