Not many Celina Texas roof repair companies are as experienced, reliable and affordable as Daltex Contractors. We’ve been servicing the Celina Texas and surrounding areas for over twenty-five years. And our expert team has a combined forty years of experience in the home improvement industry. Whether you need a small patch or a new roof, the team at Daltex is here for you.

Celina Texas Roof Repair Company

Celina Texas Roof RepairIn the summer of 2018, Dallas sustained a devastating storm that deposited hail the size of baseballs. These chunks of ice were around 3 inches in diameter and wreaked havoc on homes, businesses, cars and more. The city was riddled with broken windows, dented hoods and damaged roofs following the storm. Unfortunately, roof damage often goes unnoticed until other issues start to arise. Swollen drywall, peeling paint, soggy floors, water stains and a mildew smell all settle into homes after roof damage goes unnoticed for a few days. A small leak or hole in your roof could incur thousands of dollars in damages if you don’t catch it early. Don’t delay – call Daltex Contractors after a major storm to complete a thorough inspection of your roof.

Roof Maintenance Plans

For an annual fee, Daltex provides roof maintenance plans that we back with a one year warranty. After we conclude a thorough inspection of your roof, we take care to ensure that your vents and pipe jacks are all properly sealed as well. We’re so confident of our work that we guarantee you won’t sustain any leaks for an entire year. Our team of professionals is also committed to ensuring that our clients are knowledgeable of any necessary repairs or work, to protect them from unnecessary costs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Water Restoration

If you waited too long for an inspection and timely repair, there’s still time to salvage your home’s integrity. At Daltex, we also offer water restoration services to help restore your home to its original state. After we access all the water damage your home has sustained, we’ll bring in industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air-movers and deodorizers to ensure that we completely dry out your home. We’re especially careful to ensure that all moisture is gone from the house so that bacterial microorganisms and mildew can’t begin to grow.

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