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Roofing system problems can be significant sources of stress and frustration for property owners. If you own a home, you may live in constant fear of roof problems. Roof issues can affect your lifestyle in many ways. Persistent roof leaks can cause substantial water damage that can be expensive to fix. Roof issues can also in some cases negatively affect the appearance of your property. If you want to forget all roofing headaches in Plano, Texas, Daltex Contractors, LLC is available to save the day. We’re a prominent Plano roofing company that offers repair, maintenance and replacement services. Our Plano roofers are proficient professionals who can help you do away with all of your roof concerns.

Is Roof Replacement Something You Need to Consider?

It’s critical to take care of a roof that’s giving you problems. If your roof is around 20 years old, it may even be prudent to invest in full replacement. These things may denote the need to replace your roof:

  • Damaged shingles.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Gutters that are full of shingle granules.
  • Sunlight inside of your attic.
  • Storm Damage to roof.
  • Drooping.

We can take care of all of your roof service requests in Plano. Call us to schedule an appointment for a professional roof inspection. Once we assess the state of your roof, we can provide you with an in-depth estimate. If you want to have a good grasp of the estimate you receive, you should take a number of things into consideration. You should think about your preferred roofing materials. It’s important to think about vents, flashings and protective components. Think about installation techniques. If you’re aware of all labor and material costs, your service estimate should no longer be confusing or overwhelming. Remember, too, that our contractors will be more than happy to explain everything to you. We can answer your questions about ridge vents, water shields, valleys, underlayment and beyond.

Schedule an Appointment With Daltex Today

If you want to replace your roof and abandon all concerns of shingle damage, algae and drooping, the team here at Daltex can cater to you. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and assiduous professionals who can help you take care of all kinds of roofing issues. Call the staff at Daltex as soon as possible to set up a comprehensive roof inspection.