When you’ve been through an experience as traumatic as a fire in your home, you need the services of a professional fire damage restoration company to minimize your losses and recover as many of your possessions as possible from the ravages of the fire damage.

Daltex Contractors LLC process for fire restoration:

• First we will make a thorough visual survey and inspection of the damaged property, including the presence of odor, soot, ash and other fire elements.
We make an estimate for your fire damage restoration and upon approval our service technicians and cleaning specialists are deployed, making use of specialized
processes to clean up the area immediately.
• We photograph all the damages, scope the repairs with the insurance company.
• Work directly with your insurance company for repairs and approvals.
• Our cleaning specialists follow a ceiling to floor pattern for cleaning and restoration.
• Next, our professional fire damage restoration crew makes use of specialized processes to restore your home to its pre-fire damage state.

As one of the most experienced and reputable General Contractors in D/FW, we know that in cases of fire damage, regardless of scale, immediate attention is of the utmost importance. Delays could lead to odors and soot being absorbed deeper into the walls, making them difficult to eliminate.