For the best Flower Mound roof repair money can buy, contact the experts at Daltex Contractors, LLC. Our close-knit contractors are committed to providing exceptional service to the Dallas, Forth Worth community and surrounding areas. And because we’re locally owned and operated, we can provide our clients with the personal attention they need. A roof repair can be a major cost to any homeowner, but is almost always a necessary job. Roofs are your home’s first defense against treacherous rains, harsh winds and damaging hail. And if you are in need of roof repair in Flower Mound, Texas, you’re in luck. Daltex offers this area all of our residential roofing services.

Flower Mound Roof Repair & Maintenance

flower mound roof repairWhen your roof has sustained damage, it’s imperative that it gets repaired as quickly as possible. A leaky roof can cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your home. In Texas, we can sustain several heavy hail storms each year. And because it’s hard to see, roof damage can often go unnoticed until leaks start to infiltrate your ceilings, floors or walls.

After a substantial storm, it’s important to hire a trained professional to assess your roof and perform a thorough inspection. The expert team at Daltex can not only inspect your roof, but we can perform all necessary repairs that are backed by a guaranteed warranty.

We also offer residential roofing maintenance plans to ensure that your home is kept in working order. In addition to post-storm inspection, we also seal all vents, pipe jacks and flashings to ensure your roof is water tight. Through regular fluctuations in heat and moisture, the expansion and contraction of sealants can create cracks which allow leaks through your pipe jacks, vents and flashings. By sealing these, we’re taking extra steps to keep your home safe and dry.

We provide our customers with the personalized services they need to protect their greatest investment -their home. Don’t become just a number by hiring a large, big box company. Instead, work with your local Flower Mound roof repair specialists and get the attention you deserve.

Additional Contracting Services

In addition to roof repair and maintenance, Daltex offers a variety of general contractor services. From interior and exterior painting to creating custom carports and fence restoration, we can do it all! Check out our extensive list of residential services and contact us at 972-517-2571 for your free estimate!