Hail Map - Damage in Prosper, Allen & McKinney

Anybody living or working in Prosper, McKinney, and Allen and surrounding areas is well-aware of the potential for storm damage, especially in spring and summer months. An example of this is the recent hailstorm on April 6, 2018 that peppered roofs throughout the region with frozen pellets of rainwater.

This particular storm produced golf ball sized hail that measured 1.75 inches in diameter. It’s the seventh such storm to roll through the area within the past three years. Even if you didn’t spot any obvious signs of a problem with your roof in the aftermath of this hail storm, your roof may need the attention of Daltex Contractors’ Prosper roofers.

How Hail Affects Roofs In Prosper, McKinney, and Allen

When hard pieces of rain come down on a roof’s surface, granules in shingles may be lost. Granules serve three main purposes. They protect asphalt shingles from UV rays, provide added resistance against the elements, and add aesthetic beauty to your roof.

Hail can also crack shingles break through the substrate, and expose the felt that’s underneath. If this happens, there’s an increased risk of moisture getting into the underlying parts of the roof.

The granule-asphalt surfacing sometimes breaks away from the fiberglass mat. Hidden hail damage may be experienced if the fiberglass mat tears from the impact. It’s hidden damage that can also make shingles more likely to blow off during future storms or with high winds.

Damaged shingles may affect flashing around roof protrusions like chimneys and vents. Larger hailstones, like what came down recently in Prosper, McKinney, and Allen, could also cause damage to gutters and downspouts.

Signs of Hail Damage

Before calling on our Prosper, Allen, or McKinney roofers, take a moment to go outside of your home or business to look for signs of hail damage. This can usually be done safely from the ground with a visual inspection. More obvious signs of storm damage that can usually be spotted with this type of inspection include:

• Missing granules
• Bruising and visible depressions
• Half circular or full circular cracks on your roof
• Dented flashing

What Can Be Done About Storm Damage?

If you spot any of these signs of storm damage, our Prosper roofers can assess the condition of your roof and determine the most appropriate way to fix the damage. When damage is limited to the shingles, replacing the affected shingles may be all that’s necessary.

As a precaution, our McKinney roofers will also inspect other parts of your roof to look for hidden signs of damage that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Gutters and downspouts can also be checked for signs of problems, such as detachment from your roof.

For damage from hail, wind, or heavy rain that’s widespread, our Allen roofers may recommend a re-roof, which is the placement of new shingles over the existing ones. If damage extends to underlying structures, a complete replacement may be a more cost-effective option.

Restore your peace of mind and call on our local roofers to perform a thorough inspection of your home or business roof that’s more extensive than what can be safely done without the proper equipment. If damage is detected, our experienced roofers serving the Prosper, McKinney, and Allen areas can recommend appropriate repairs. Should roof replacement be necessary, we’ll go over your options and offer an honest estimate before any work is done.

Contact Daltex Contractors today to schedule a thorough roof inspection to restore your peace of mind. If storm damage is detected, we can also provide an assessment for insurance purposes.  Or call 972-517-2571.