As a premier Lewisville Texas roof repair company, Daltex Contractors LLC offers superior work at competitive prices. With over 40 years of combined experience in roofing and home improvement, our team is more than qualified to handle any size client and any level of repair. Roofs are an important and essential part of any home. It’s the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions, including sleet, heavy rain, strong winds and damaging hail. If your roof has sustained damage in the last storm, contact the experts at Daltex today.

Trusted Lewisville Texas Roof Repair

Lewisville Texas Roof RepairSplit shingles, leaky roofs and cracked seals all require prompt and professional repair services. Without proper attention, these small issues can snowball into costly damages. A small water leak can incur thousands of dollars in damage. Bulging ceilings, swollen drywall and unsightly water stains only represent the damage you can see. But behind your walls or under your floors could be lurking a moist environment harboring bacterial microorganisms, or mold and mildew spores. A crack in a vent seal could be all that’s needed for a hive of carpenter bees to take residence in the eve of your attic. A few rotten shingles could retain enough water to affect a much larger surface area, requiring a bigger patch.

When it comes to Lewisville Texas roof repair, don’t waste time looking for the cheapest provider in the area. Instead, go with the best at Daltex. Our team of professionals make up our locally owned and operated company. We’re committed to providing tailored services to all of our clientele, ensuring that they’re completely satisfied with our work. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary work and even back our projects with a guaranteed warranty.

Roofing Maintenance Program

In addition to roof repair, we also offer a maintenance program. For just $250/year for a one-story home and $350/year for a two-story home, you can be assured that your roof is protected from leaks – guaranteed! After a thorough inspection, our team will repair any damages they find and seal all vents, pipe jacks and flashings. Our warranty will protect you and your family from roof leaks for the following calendar year.

Work With The Best

When you’re ready to hire the best Lewisville Texas roof repair company in the industry, call Daltex Contractors at 972-517-2571 and request your free estimate today!