Weather and the Condition of Your Roof

Inclement weather conditions can do a number on your roof. That’s a shame, too. A reliable and sturdy roof is important for so many significant reasons. It can keep the structure of your property in tiptop shape. It can keep moisture out of your residence as well. If you want to enjoy maximum comfort and ease while at home, a dependable roof is 100 percent essential. Intense storms can be highly detrimental to roofs. If your roof has been subject to wind or hail damage, professional replacement service is necessary. When you need Highland Village roofers who can replace roofs with expert care, Daltex can come through for you. When you’re looking for Lewisville Roofers who are roof replacement wizards, our company can come through for you, too. When you need Flower Mound roofers who are skilled, detail-oriented and trustworthy, Daltex is always the best local company choice. We proudly accommodate all the roof service needs of people all over Highland Village, Lewisville and Flower Mound, Texas.

Wind Damage and Your Roof

Wind damage can be a major risk to roofs. If your roof has any kind of wind damage, you may be able to easily identify it. Pay close attention to the fascia and soffits. Staining, discoloration and decay can all point to strong wind damage. Look at the shingles. Curled composition shingles frequently signify damage. Shingles that are conspicuously missing frequently indicate damage as well. It can also be smart to focus on your roofing cement. Immoderate cement can often point to a problem. Cement disintegration can do the same.

Hail Damage to RoofHail Damage and Your Roof

Hail damage can be just as problematic for roofs. Focus on your roof’s asphalt. Are there any lost components? If so, hail damage could be to blame. Also, concentrate on the shingles. Do you see visible dark substrate? The presence of black substrate can often spell hail damage. Don’t ignore any potential signs of wind or hail destruction. The sooner you address problems, the better. Don’t give roof damage the chance to get out of hand. A roof that’s in poor condition can make daily life uncomfortable and unbearable. No one wants to deal with the hassles of persistent roof leaks and drooping decks.

Exceptional Roof Replacement Service

Daltex is a respected roof company that can cater to all your replacement requirements and beyond. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable professionals who can provide you with the finest and most attentive replacement work around. The advantages of our roof replacement service are plentiful as well. Fresh new roofs are markedly more energy efficient than their older counterparts are. They can give your curb appeal a major boost. They can increase your property value, too. If you’re toying with the idea of perhaps putting your home up for sale in the future, a brand-new roof can be a nice asset.

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Don’t let Highland Village, Lewisville or Flower Mound storms turn your roof into an unreliable mess. Take matters into your own hands and get in contact with Daltex as soon as possible. Our firm specializes in roof replacement work that’s comprehensive, efficient and high in quality. Contact us now to ask for a free estimate.