Prosper Texas RoofingDaltex Contractors are a five-star rated Prosper Texas Roofing company offering roofing services and painting services in the Prosper, Texas region. We have been in the roofing and general contracting business for over 25 years. Our customer service team offer personalized service and can assist you with all your related insurance claims with your homeowner’s insurance company.

We fully warranty our work and can provide 24/7 emergency services in times after storms move through the region and can come out and inspect damages. For immediate help, please call 972-517-2571 to discuss your needs. If you have a roof leak, or some other roofing emergency, please let our team know exactly what is happening. If your leak is extreme and a tremendous amount of water is coming in from the roof, try and alleviate damages to the interior areas by putting out buckets, tarps and moving your electronics out of the way of the water leak. In times after Prosper TX hailstorm or heavy storms with a lot of wind, we receive a lot of emergency calls. We triage each case and work from an emergency queue. We are equipped to handle just about any Prosper Texas roofing emergency you might have.

If your roof damage is not that severe and you do not need emergency attention, we would be happy to schedule a time to come out to your house and plan for roof damage repairs. If you need tarp covering material, please advise and we can ensure that we get your roof damage covered so that further damage to the interior of your home does not happen.

Check out the information we have provided on the various types of roofing material that you can choose from. Roofing technology has evolved a great deal, and we are proud to offer the best types of roofing material on the market. W can properly advise you on the best type of material to use for your budget and needs. Rather than try and up-sell you, we take the personal approach of providing information and details after hearing any questions that you might have.

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