Many of you are experiencing roof leaks from the recent ice / snow storms. Here is what you have experienced which is not normal for the Dallas area.

ICE DAM – An Ice Dam is a hump of ice that forms at the edge of a roof under certain wintertime conditions. An ice dam can damage both your roof and the inside of your home. It will put gutters and downspouts at risk too.

When an ice dam gets big enough, melted water backs up behind it and seeps underneath the shingles. Eventually, it will drip into the insulation and down into the ceilings and exterior walls beneath the eave, ruining sheet rock and paint.

This is not from a defect in the shingle or the installation it is a condition due to Mother Nature but can cause damage to your roof system and interior of your home.

If you have encountered this on your home, please contact us and we can evaluate to see if any damage has occurred which you would need to file an insurance claim to help with the repairs. This is a condition that would be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Roof with an ice dam