What are the most common roof problems?

roof repair PlanoSave money and time spent dealing with roof repair Plano TX and work with a reputable roofing company – Daltex Contractors. Here we go over the most common roof related problem that will cost you a great deal of money if you do not watch out for. The top problem that we see is damage from storms that move through our region of North Texas. Heavy winds, hail, and flooding rains that pass through cause a great deal of damage to our area’s roofs. We offer 24/7 emergency storm roof repair Plano TX, and can work with your insurance company if you file your roof damages with your homeowners insurance company.

Not all Plano roofing contractors are the same. One of the biggest factors of how your roof will preform in the storm conditions and high temperatures that we get in this region of North Texas is the use of quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. If your roof is properly installed, you should not encounter these types of common problems that we see frequently.

Roof Leaks or Noticeable Moisture

You need proper roof repair Plano if you are noticing moisture inside your home around the ceiling, or worse, if you have dripping water coming through your roof and ceiling. You will notice a discoloration on your ceiling, stains down the wall, or a puddle in the floor if you have a roof leak. Some roof leaks are sneaky and you cannot see the damage that they are doing to the interior of your home, which is the main reason why you should have your roof properly inspected and check out as part of an annual maintenance check. Our Plano Roofers know the signs to look for.

Puddles of Water that Linger on your Roof

If after it rains you notice that water stays and lingers in a puddle or pool on your roof in certain areas, this is a problem. Many times these pools are caused by clogged gutters, or HVAC units that leak, or improperly drain. Give us a call if you are seeing signs of puddling on your roof. Long-term this type of pond water that lingers can cause damage.

Holes in your Roof

Hail and wind can move through our area and create little tiny holes in your roof system.

Tree Limbs

Trees that are close to your roof should be pruned and maintained so that their limbs do not rub across your roof system and cause damage. Overhanging limbs can cause a great deal of damage during a storm and tree limbs should be cut back prior to the heavy storm season. When a tree branch falls on your roof, it is typically an emergency, as depending on how it falls and how heavy it is, your roof can be damaged beyond repair and require full replacement.

Poor Craftsmanship of the Flashing / Seals

The flashing installed around areas where your roof does not cover (such as skylights, vent pipes, chimneys and HVAC systems) must be installed correctly and attached well. If it is not, it can cause openings in the seams and eventually lead to a roof that fails. 

Shrinking or Blistering

Shrinkage to the roof membrane often causes splitting, ridging and can lead to surface damage to your shingles.