Roofing Plano Texas Daltex Contractors are the roofing Plano Texas experts. If you have roof damage, or if your roof is beginning to leak, you should reach out to Daltex by calling 972-517-2571 and letting them know you have an active leak, or visibly apparent roof damage. We offer 24/7 on call emergency roofing Plano Texas, and our customer service staff routinely assist our clients with filing the necessary insurance claim forms to ensure that your homeowners insurance policy covers your roofing work.

Many times, if you have a visible roof leak, or a bit of roof damage, it is possible for our team to come out and make roof repairs without your needing a brand-new roofing system. Other times, roof damage is so substantial that you need a whole new roofing system. Roof technologies have improved over the years to include several warrantied solutions. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for the new roofing system and speak with your insurance representatives regarding the work.

No matter what company you choose to handle your roofing Plano Texas work, please ensure that you choose a company that is licensed, and if possible, find a GAF Master Elite certified contractor. Ask lots of questions and gather a detailed quote from the company. We have heard of many operating as roofers that do not have a license and have little to no experience in roofing in our area. If you properly vet the company you choose beforehand, you will save money and be free of related headaches.

We are a family owned and operated company, that provides fair and reasonable estimates. If you have any related questions, we’d be happy to answer them and provide references for all our work. Please give us a call! We also handle fire restoration and water / storm damage restoration. Our general contractors can handle just about any restorative repairs that you might need completed.