Plano Roofing CompaniesTrying to save a little bit of money on your roof replacement? Daltex Contractors, North Texas’ most reputable roofing company offers some tips on when to act and how to save a little bit of money in the process. Call us at (972) 517-2571 if you would like a roof replacement estimate.

First, do not be scared of getting your roof inspected after a big storm, or at the end of the season. It’s important that you get an assessment so that you know exactly where your problem areas might be. Many property owners wait because they are just not ready to spend the money. Obtaining an assessment first helps you know what to expect cost wise, and in some cases, you may qualify for your insurance company to pay the cost of your roof repairs or new roof installation.

Many folks are shocked at what the cost of a new roof will be. The average nationwide cost of obtaining a roof replacement ranges from $6,000 to $9,000 depending on various factors including size of the roof, type of the roof, and the area market. These are averages provided by RoofingCalc, after they assessed the cost from contractors on sources such as Angie’s List. The average installed cost per square is just under $500.  A quick Google search will provide you with similar figures. The only way to truly know what your cost will be is to obtain a proper estimate from Daltex Contractors, roofing contractor Plano TX.

The second piece of advice we can provide, is time your roofing repairs or replacement correctly. If you can wait until the off-season you can obtain some discounts that may not be available during the height of significant storm season. If you have water damage, or are already seeing significant damages to your roof, it’s not smart to wait, however.

Roof Replacement – What’s Involved with working with Plano Roofing Companies

Proper roof replacement work involves the shedding of the layers of old roofing, and intricate installation of new roofing systems. If you are changing the type of roof, other steps could be involved.

Daltex Contractors will not provide you with a roofing cost over the phone. Plano Roof replacement requires that we come out and assess the size, type, pitch and other factors that are involved with regards to your roof. What other factors could there be, you might ask? Well, some roofs have additional layers that you cannot see. If we are carrying out roof replacement services, we need to factor in removing any additional layers as we cannot place a new roof on top of layers of other roof material. Also, we take into consideration areas that are cut out of your roof, such as skylights, piping, and other windows that we will have to work around. As a general rule of thumb, the more complex your roofing system is, the more complex it will be to replace. This is why it is truly important to work with the best among Plano Roofing Contractors, Daltex Contractors.