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roofer mckinney txMajor thunderstorms just passed through McKinney, Texas causing major damages to homes, 4 of which burned due to fires from lightning. One of the four homes was so badly damaged that the family that lived there is now displaced. Daltex Contractors are trusted, reliable contractors and roofers that are available to make repairs to your home or replace your roofing if your roof is completely damaged. If you have been impacted by the recent storms that passed through, and need a roofer McKinney TX, give us a call at (972) 517-2571.

Everyone that has lived in the DFW area for any length of time knows that our storms can be terrible. It’s important to have a trustworthy contractor at the ready to make necessary repairs to your property after a storm has moved through. Most of these storms bring hail, lightning, thunder and heavy winds. These elements can greatly damage your home’s roof, fences and various outbuildings.

In addition to contracting and being an experienced Roofer McKinney TX, Daltex employs an impressive team of licensed general contractors that can make general repairs, handle painting, remodeling and restoration work. Click and request a free estimate.

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Roofing For McKinney, TX Residents

If you’re looking for reputable company that is roofing McKinney that homeowners and businesses can place their confidence in, then our company Daltex is exactly who you need. Our McKinney roofers are skilled and experienced professionals who know how to keep your roof in its very best possible condition at all times. Remember, your roof is the very first thing that defends your property from the potential hazards of nature, whether strong winds, hail, rain or anything else.

When you’re in need of qualified and knowledgeable McKinney roofers who specialize in roof repair and roof replacement service, our company is undoubtedly the finest option in the city for you. If you have problems with your roof, we’ll send one of our professionals over to you to assess the situation. If the damage is relatively minor, we can fix it for you and get your roof back to looking and working wonderfully. If the problems with your roof are more severe due to the passing of time, we may suggest full roof replacement. No matter what we determine, you can feel relaxed knowing that we always have your best interests in mind. Superb customer service is the thing that drives us the most here at Daltex.

Some people neglect to seek roof repair service because they simply are unaware that anything is wrong. If your roof needs repair or replacement work, you may observe hints such as attic leakage, wall and ceiling stains, the emergence of mildew or mold, cracked shingles and lost shingles. The paint on the outside and inside portions of your residence may also start to peel. You may even realize that your energy bills are significantly higher than ever before.

If you’re searching for quality roofing McKinney locals can believe in, call us at Daltex today to make an appointment.

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