Celina Roofing

Celina Roofing

Our Celina roofing is a great way to save money and keep your home cool during the scorching days. Daltex Contractors LLC is one of the most trusted contractors in the area and provides a number of services, including remodeling, painting, concrete work, and much more. But they are best known for their extraordinary roofing skills, which will have you saving energy and cash.

Can a new roof help keep my home cooler?

Not only will a new roof keep your home cooler during those hot days, but it will also help you save money while doing it. The first thing you want to do to is seeing if you have air leakage. You can go to the attic and look for openings and cracks where the sun seeps through. This is a sign that you are losing cool air, and your HVAC system is working harder than it needs to be. A new roof will help seal these openings and allow your air-cooling system to work more effectively while saving you money on energy.

You should also keep in mind that today’s shingles and modern application techniques have helped make roofs more durable and energy efficient than ever before. The new technology helps reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, which causes less heat to become trapped and allowing you to use less energy to achieve a comfortable home temperature.

Should I change the roof before selling my home?

In Celina, the roofing will give your home the curb appeal needed to close that deal. You may be wondering if paying for a new roof on a home you plan on selling is a good investment, but the remodeling will pay for itself. Curb appeal is one of the most significant factors that will play into a buyer’s decision when purchasing a home. A new roof can work miracles on a home’s overall appearance. A new home buyer will also have the piece of mind that they won’t have to spend money on changing the roof any time soon.

How will a new roof save me money?

Besides increasing your home’s value and helping you save money on energy, a new roof can also get you a discount with your insurance company. Many agencies offer anywhere between 5 percent up to 20 percent discount if you use modern weather resistant shingles. A good roof will also protect your home from damage caused by bad weather and debris.

Our Celina roofing is not only important because it keeps your family safe and protected, but because it also helps you save money for the essential things. That’s why you can count on your contractor to provide high-quality work for a decent price. Daltex Contractors LLC uses highly skilled and licensed workers to ensure that you get the best service to match the materials and techniques used for our jobs!

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Celina Roofing

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